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16-01-2008 - European Veterinary Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

European Veterinary Conference - Voorjaarsdagen
Companion Animal and Equine Medicine - Technician’s Programme

April 24 -26, 2008 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Register for the Conference Before Feb. 1 and Save!!!

The Voorjaarsdagen conference committee invites you to their 41st Voorjaarsdagen European Veterinary Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Prior to the conference we will present to you the ESFM - Voorjaarsdagen Feline Symposium. Five internationally recognised experts in feline medicine will cover a wide range of feline topics. Their aim is to get you "thinking cat". The main conference consists of three full days that will cover many interesting topics in companion animal and equine medicine. You will have free access between the companion animal and equine conferences. The complete scientific programme is now available online.

A selection of our invited speakers:
Companion animal:
Dr. S. Adamantos (UK), Dr. D. Smeak (USA), Dr. A. German (UK), Dr. J. Kirpensteijn (NL), Dr. M. Fisher (UK), Dr. D. Bennett (UK), Dr. S. Daminet (B), Dr. M. Berendt (DK), Dr. R. Ofri (Isr), Dr. R. Nickel (G), Dr. A. van Dongen (NL), Dr. A. Boswood (UK), Dr. J. Fontaine (B), Dr. D. Chan (UK), Dr. L. Theyse (NL)
Dr. R. Sellon (USA), Dr. A. Martens (B), Dr. R. Smith (UK), Dr. van Nieuwstadt (NL), Dr. N. Menzies-Gow (UK), Dr. F. Pille (B), Dr. N. Werpy (USA), Dr. S. Pirie (UK), Dr. W. Back (NL), Dr. S. Puchalski (USA), Dr. A. Matthews (UK), Dr. C. Butler (NL).

State of the Art lectures:

  • Prof. Dr. J. Fink-Gremmels (NL); Translating therapeutical concepts to day-to-day practice
  • Dr. D. Varner (USA), AAEP Lecture; Equine Reproduction, "From a sperm’s eye view"


  • Laparoscopy, Prof. Dr. J. Kirpensteijn (NL)
  • Arthroscopy, Dr. L. Theijse (NL)
  • Otoscopy, Dr. J. Fontaine (B), Dr. L. Beco (B)

Interactive sessions:
There will be several lectures throughout the conference using an audience voting system.
Our conference is renowned by its cosy atmosphere. Visit our large trade show and join us during our social events, especially this year’s conference gala dinner which will be celebrated at Amsterdam Wharf, the former historic Life Boat station.

To register for the conference,

Contact Information:
P.O. Box 74713
1070 BS
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)20-6793411
Fax: +31-(0)20-6737306
By e-mail, click here
Website: click here

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