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22-12-2007 - Only 30% compliance with Regulation, according to inspector  
The welfare of animals during transport is poor –
and the situation is getting worse, according to
Alexander Rabitsch, an Austrian practitioner and
part-time animal transport inspector since 1998.
At the recent meeting of the Union of European
Veterinary Practitioners (UEVP), he shared his
experience of the over 1000 spot-check
inspections he had carried out in “one of Europe’s
bottlenecks of animal transport”. Only around
30% of the vehicles comply with EU regulations,
he found, “and the situation is getting worse”.
The majority of shortcomings involved animal
welfare, and mainly concern inappropriate
drinking facilities for calves, excessive loading
densities of pigs and lambs and inadequate
partitioning between horses. Following this
presentation, amply documented with statistics
and photographs, the UEVP and European
Association of State Veterinary Officers
(EASVO) drew up a joint recommendation, which
called for a more stringent enforcement of the
existing Regulation. Furthermore, the sections
recommended an urgent review of the Regulation
to improve certain requirements, including
loading densities, drinking facilities and the
definition of journey time.
FVE has urged for many years that fattening of
animals should take place within or near the place
of birth. According to the Federation, animals
should also be slaughtered as near to the point of
production as possible, while long distance
transportation of animals for slaughter should be
replaced by a carcass-only trade whenever
possible. (FVE/01/doc/043).2

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