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22-12-2007 - UEVP stresses the importance of reliable identification

Regarding the Pet Travel scheme, the Union of

European Veterinary Practitioners (UEVP) agrees

with the extension to the transitional period for

the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Malta and

recommends that this should be for at least a

further 2 years, while the impact of cross border

transmission of disease is further assessed.

The topic was discussed by the recent UEVP

general assembly, which also found that the

waiting time for the proof of adequate antibody

levels after rabies vaccination could be reduced

from 6 to 3 months. According to UEVP vice

president Harvey Locke, correct prevention of

Echinococcus multilocularis and tick borne

disease remains recommendable, although the

time interval of treatment prior to transnational

departure could be increased to 24h - 7 days

(currently 24-48 hours) “in order to help avoid

confusion and reduce discomfort for travellers”.

The UEVP also stressed the importance of reliable

identification of pets, and recommended the

immediate withdrawal of tattoos as official

identification method, in particular since there is

no internationally recognised standard and no data

exchange within the EU. “This means two

animals could easily bear the same tattoo,

stressed Harvey Locke “Many countries even

don’t have an authority able to allocate the

numbers”. Furthermore, there is no definition of

the word “tattoo”. The UEVP urges the

Commission to propose compulsory registration

of all microchipped pets on a central database,

together with registration of all pet passports.

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