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22-10-2007 - AVA commends horse owners, urges enforcement The President of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Dr Diane Sheehan has commended horse owners for their compliance with bio-security protocols and movement restrictions.

“All reports suggest that the vast majority of horse owners and those in horse industries are doing the right thing by complying with protocols and notifying authorities of infections,” Dr Sheehan said.

“We must continue to do all that we can to encourage horse owners to do the right thing,
and that includes enforcing the law when it is breached."

Dr Sheehan said that those flouting movement restrictions form a small minority. “Those horse owners who are doing it tough but complying with movement restrictions must find it especially hard to see recent reports from Victoria that people caught transporting horses without permits have been sent letters of warning rather than being charged,” Dr Sheehan said.

Dr Sheehan said that it is just as important now as it ever was that all movement restriction and bio-security
protocols are enforced.

“As vaccinations roll out some people may feel that the threat is easing. Our message to the public is that regardless of vaccination programs, new infections outside of containment areas have the potential to cause further hardship over an extended period of time. “There are signs of progress, and we call on people in the horse industry to continue your vigilance. The success of containing this disease depends on everyone standing
together.” Contact E-mail:

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