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24-08-2011 - Int. Conference on Responsible use of Antibiotics in Animals

International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals

The international conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals. in the Netherlands on 14-16 November 2011, is coming closer! Take advantage of the early bird registration discount. Register before 15 September 2011 and get the lowest possible conference registration rate!

More than 50 expert speakers will contribute to this important event. On day one, perspectives on the theme will be given from different points of view. Development of legislation and regulatory policies worldwide are another thematic priority. Day two of the conference focuses on veterinary medical practice as well feed industry practice. The role of monitoring antibiotic use and resistance will be discussed, too. And specific approaches, such as alternatives to antibiotics, veterinary education, animal hygiene and housing conditions, and innovative technologies are on the agenda. On day three, the guest speakers report on evidence-based use of antibiotics and talk about food chain perspectives on antibiotic use. The conference will end by summing up the conclusions and the path forward into ‘take-home’ messages.

The conference is designed for the animal health industry and the medical community; all users of antibiotics in animals, such as veterinarians, animal feed producers, livestock and aquaculture producers, and nutritionists; food processors and manufacturers, and retailers; policy makers and regulatory agencies; researchers in universities and research institutes; and others with an interest in resistance and in the sustainability of antibiotics, such as educators, agricultural extension staff, consultants, and consumer organizations.

Please visit the conference's website for more information.

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