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06-03-2007 - 4th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference The 4th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference is being hosted by the Barbados Veterinary Association, on behalf of the Canada / Caribbean Region of the Commonwealth Veterinary Association, at the Hilton Hotel, Barbados, from the 4th to 8th November 2007.

The theme of the conference "Animal Health and Welfare; Continuing Challenges for Veterinarians" This conference provides an opportunity for veterinarians from the 52 member countries of the Commonwealth to meet with each other and with veterinarians from many other parts of the world, to discuss matters of common interest, and benefit from quality continuing education on topics ranging from trade issues, food safety, animal welfare and alleviation of poverty, to companion animal medicine, aquatic and avian medicine, emerging and re-emerging diseases and practice management. In short, we hope to provide topics of interest to all members of our multi-faceted profession.

The conference venue is the new and beautiful Barbados Hilton Hotel and Conference Centre, on the beach at Needhams Point, Bridgetown, providing luxurious accommodation along with a state of the art conference centre, within easy reach of all the activities available in beautiful Barbados.

We look forward to welcoming you in November of 2007

Robin Yarrow
President CVA.

Gus Reader
CVA Councillor, Barbados
President BVA
Central Veterinary Clinic
Lower Estate Complex
StGeorge BB19188

4th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference


Scientific program of the 4th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference aims to provide 20 hours of quality Continuing Education for registrants, on a wide variety of subjects of interest, with five streams of sessions running concurrently.

An overview of the topics to be covered is as follows:

1. Advances in Companion Animal Medicine.
Diseases of the ear
Allergic conditions and Allergy testing
Animal behavior
Practice management

2. Advances in Large Animal Medicine
Equine lameness and surgery
Equine ophthalmology
Bovine medicine and nutrition
Swine medicine
Poultry medicine
Small ruminant medicine

3. Marine Mammal Strandings and Emergency Medicine

4. Emerging, Re.emerging and Zoonotic Diseases
Avian Influenza
West Nile Virus

5. Adaptation to Climate Change

6. New Challenges for Veterinarians
Fish medicine
Exotic animal medicine
Stem Cell therapy

7. Alleviation of Poverty
The Role of Women in Livestock Production in Developing Countries
Programs and Projects to Alleviate Poverty
The Training of Pastoral Women in Kenya
The Training of Women Dairy Farmers in India
Small holder Grazing Systems

8. Animal Welfare
Changing Global Perspectives on Animal Welfare
The Development of Animal Welfare Guidelines
Animal Welfare Education and Initiatives
Animal Welfare in Developing Countries

9. Food Safety
Caribbean Approaches to Food Safety
Food Safety for the Future in the Canada/Caribbean Region
Food Safety Issues and Challenges
Risk Assessment in Food Safety

A detailed timetable of lectures and featured speakers will be posted on the conference website. Suggestions and queries can be sent by email to:

Companies interested in exhibiting products and services or exploring sponsorship opportunities are invited to see the relevant information on the Conference website or email

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