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19-05-2010 - President Tjeerd Jorna Visits the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association

President Tjeerd Jorna Visits the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association

WVA President Dr Tjeerd Jorna arrived in Beijing on Wednesday 4th of May, 2010 and was invited for the welcome dinner with Wang Qingbo, Vice Secretary General and Song Huabin, Supervisor General. They had an informal talk about the veterinary profession in China and the position of the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association [CVMA] and the goal of Dr Jorna visiting the CVMA as President of WVA.

On the morning of the 5th of May, Dr Jorna had a meeting with the President of CVMA Dr Jia Youling, Secretary General Dr.Zhang Zhongqiu, Vice Secretary General Wang Qingbo, Mrs. Huang Xiangyang, Deputy Secretary General, Chen Wei, Director Liaison Department and Wei Ying Coordinator Liaison Department.

From left to right: Wang Qingbo, Zhang Zhongqui, Tjeerd Jorna, Jia Youling and Huang Xiangyang

President Dr Jia Youling explained the Structure of the CVMA, the Bylaws and the Organizational Structure of CVMA and also the structure of the veterinary profession in China. The CVMA was founded on 28th October 2009. The Bylaws are comparable with Constitution and Bylaws of other Veterinary Associations in the World. The CVMA structure exists of the National Conference of Member representatives, the Council, the Executive Council, 9 branches that have to be installed definitively in October 2010 and the Secretariat.

The veterinary profession in China is impressive for over 1 million veterinarians including the students. The profession is divided into 200,000 veterinary practitioners compensated by the government, 600,000 practitioners in the rural area compensated by government subsidies and the veterinarians in research, teaching, special committees and veterinary enterprises. The main production animals are the pigs and poultry, but dairy cattle and the companion animal sectors are growing quickly.

From l to r.:Prof.Jason Shi, Dean Prof.Wang Ming, Tjeerd Jorna and Zhang Libo.

The CVMA is standardizing the private practitioners qualification. In a pilot project in 5 provinces by an exam as a licencing system. The Ministry of Agriculture is supervising the veterinary profession. Also China has a Chinese Veterinary Disease Control centre and reference laboratories.

The President told Dr Jorna that in China there are more than 50 veterinary faculties. The curriculum course is 4 or 5 years. 7000-8000 students are admitted each year. Students can get post-graduate training for specialization in 36 faculties. The course is 4 years and around 1300-1400 persons take part in it.

They also discussed the situation in China in animal health, animal welfare, public health and zoonotic disease problems. The disease control is very complicated. The reason is to control such a big area and so many species. They have vaccination and eradication programmes organised by the government, but animal disease control is difficult. For example there are over 73 million pig farms of which 95% have less than 15 pigs. They vaccinate over 15 billion poultry, 1.1 billion pigs, 0.7 billion sheep, 0.2 billion cattle. Overall 150 billion doses are applied and consumers are aware of it.

The Ministry of Agriculture is the leading organisation and CVMA assists to standardise and support animal and public disease control. The inspection in slaughterhouses has been implemented. There are controls on the stray animals in the street. They have an animal ID system for cattle, pigs, sheep and dogs.

Dr Jorna explained the history, structure, mission statement and objectives of the WVA. He discussed the main issues that the WVA is involved in and the WVA strategy plan for the coming years. He expressed the WVA concern about antimicrobial resistance and the level of veterinary education in a great part of the world. He described the celebration of WVD and WVA communication. The Chinese had experience with our website and newsletters.

The next day Dr Jorna met the dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine of the China Agriculture University Prof Dr Wang Ming and Prof Dr. Shi Jason of Theriogenology. They discussed veterinary education in China in 56 faculties, accreditation/evaluation on a global level of the faculties, the minimum requirements, standard operation procedures, education conference in Paris last year, and VET2011. They discussed the position of WVA in global veterinary education.

From left to right: Dr. Shi Zhensheng, the Vice Director of Teaching Hospital of veterinary college; and Prof. Wangming the Dean, meeting with Dr Jorna.

Dr Jorna’s visit concluded with a farewell dinner with the CVMA board.

From left to right: Dr.Wang Qingbo, Vice Secretary General; Secretary General Dr.Zhang Zhongqiu; Dr Tjeerd Jorna; the CVMA President Dr. Jia Youling; Vice Secretary General Ms. Huang Xiangyang. They hold the poster of World Veterinary Day which was successfully celebrated.

President Jorna had a very fruitful visit and is sure that the CVMA can become a strong member of the WVA.

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