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19-12-2008 -
Veterinary World - Open Access, peer reviewed, International Journal
Volume 1 No. 11 November 2008, Table of Contents

For Abstracts of current issue and full text of previous issues please visit The journal is indexed and abstracted on CAB, AGRIS, AGRICOLA (in AGRICOLA indexing will be started in January 2009).

Epidemiological studies (parasitological, serological and molecular techniques) of Trypanosoma evansi infection in camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Egypt - Ahmed Abdel-Rady

A Preliminary Clinical Laboratory Investigation of Endemic Spiking Mortality Syndrome of Broiler Chickens in Nepal - Kedar Karki, Poornima Manandhar, Tika Ram Neupane, Salina Manandhar and Praggya Koirala

A new Polyherbal formulation to control bacterial enteritis in poultry: a case study in Salmonella enteritidis induced experimental model - K.K.Baishya, Shivi Maini and K.Ravikanth

Prevalence of Sarcocystosis in Goats slaughtered at an abattoir in Bangalore, Karnataka state - Arun M. Dafedar, Placid E. D’ Souza, Ananda, K.J. and G.C.Puttalakshmamma

Hematological Changes in Cattle associated with arthropods Infestation - P.A. Raut, V.G.Sonkhusale, L.A.Khan, M.K. Nakade, N.S.Pagrut and A.M.Bodkhe

Efficacy of Xylazine as a Sedative in Cattle - G.U. Yadav, M.G. Thorat and S.N. Bedarkar

Seasonal effect on the composition of blood in cattle - G.B.Shrikhande, A.M.Rode, M.S.Pradhan and Ashlesha K. Satpute

Ameliorating potential of Ashwagandha on cadmium chloride induced changes in weights of visceral organs - Borde, A.U., Athawaley A.M., Mendhe, M.S., Patil, M.K., Lokhande, P.R., Jaiswal, S.A.

A case report of management of snake?s injury in captivity - P.A. Raut, V.G.Sonkhusale, L.A.Khan, M.K. Nakade and A.M.Bodkhe

Current and future status of herbal medicines - Sheetal Verma and S.P. Singh

Noise Phobia in Dog - Ballamwar, V. A., Bonde, S. W., Mangle, N. S. and Vyavahare, S. H.

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