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29-06-2008 - Good Practice Guide to Handling Veterinary Waste

Good Practice Guide to Handling Veterinary Waste

27 June 2008

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has today (Friday) launched its new ‘Good Practice Guide to Handling Veterinary Waste’ consisting of a poster and web advice.

Produced in association with the BSAVA and Goat Veterinary Society, and supported by The Environment Agency, the poster, alongside further detailed information on the BVA website, provides practical step by step guidance designed to assist veterinary surgeons comply with waste regulations in England and Wales.

BVA President Nick Blayney commended the guide to practices, pointing out that “All businesses have a duty of care to ensure that all waste is stored and disposed of responsibly, that it is only handled or dealt with by those authorised to do so and that appropriate records are kept of all waste that is transferred or received. Under the Hazardous Waste Regulations, all veterinary facilities that produce more than 200 kg of hazardous waste per annum need to register and we realised that this was an area where guidance was needed.”

While the production of the guidance had proved to be “a decidedly complicated and time-consuming exercise, we are” said Mr Blayney “absolutely delighted with the outcome and believe that it will make life considerably easier for the profession.”

With definitions of hazardous, including clinical, waste and non-hazardous waste illustrated simply and clearly, coupled with information on registering of premises, maintaining a waste register and the use of consignment notes the BVA is confident that the guide will prove indispensable.

Notes for Editors

1. For further information please contact the BVA Press Office on 020 7908 6340 or

2. Separate guidance on waste regulations in Northern Ireland and Scotland are in hand

3. The poster is being distributed via The Veterinary Record (June 28, 2008) and copies are also being sent to veterinary students, practice managers and The Environment Agency during July

4. Further information on handling veterinary waste is also available from The Environment Agency

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