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21-04-2008 - The First Persian Veterinary Forum
The First Persian Veterinary Forum
Posted by: JimEdwards on Apr 20, 2008 - 02:23 PM
This forum was established on 2005, is now on the 4th year of its activity and up to now it expand diversity of activities. Today, it has 2 major section, one is about special veterinary medicine which is suitable for veterinarian, students of vet, professors of university and etc and the other one is the public section which both people and vet consult can use from that.

The Persian Veterinary Forums consist of 24 forums (Departments) in different field of veterinary medicine, such as large animal medicine, small animal medicine, surgery, poultry, wild animals and so on. Until now with more than 2500 articles in Persian (Farsi), it has a wide coverage on veterinary medicine topics.

Sign up is free to everyone so become a member is so easy, many students of vet and veterinarians gather here and post their articles and discuss about scientific topics, helping each others to improving their knowledge. Getting the latest news , scientific finding , researches and reviewing veterinary subjects and courses are activities of veterinary members of the site.

As a public view, people who care about animal and pet owners and even people who concern about zoonotic disease can ask from veterinarian members, so these contacts will improved the health of society in Iran.

we invite you to visit, The first Persian veterinary forum and one of the biggest veterinary archive in Iran.

Please publish the news in veterinary association website to inform the other colleagues and veterinarians specially the persian speakers to attend in the veterinary forums.

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