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18-05-2006 - Universities and professional organizations convinced about management of veterinary knowledge Veterinary faculties are implementing

Haaften – mei 2006 started it’s first year by cooperating with universities and veterinary organizations.

After the successful introduction of during the Voorjaarsdagen Congres 2006 in Amsterdam, the Dutch Veterinary Cooperative Organization AUV, decided to offer their members a considerable discount when acquiring a subscription for In Belgium, the veterinary branch organization VDV (Vlaamse Dierenartsen Vereniging), is about to offer their members a subscription for as well. The veterinary knowledge base can function as an incredible service in practice. Therefore, practitioners are very enthusiastic about this offer.

Meanwhile has also established a joint venture with the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht.
Veterinary students, who are member of the Veterinary Student Association, are enabled to use for free during their entire study. The new generation veterinarians is convinced that digital knowledge management has the future. Straight after giving them the opportunity to subscribe to more than a 150 student-users applied for the subscription in only one day. Each day, new subscriptions arrive and interest is growing.

Also with the Veterinary University of Gent in Belgium an agreement was made to offer the veterinary knowledge base to all students of the veterinary faculty. The exact date of implementation has yet to be specified.

With other European universities negotiations are taking place to incorporate Vets-net’s veterinary knowledge base in their educational programme.

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