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the on-line Veterinary Knowledge Base:

  • Unique, fast and up-to-date system with two convenient search options: "clinical signs" and "keywords"
  • Assistance in finding or confirming your diagnosis, therapy and prognosis
  • Recent, reliable, scientific, evidence-based information on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, ferrets, goats, sheep and cattle

The Knowledge Base Features and Demonstrations

Enter the knowledge base from all over the world Enter the knowledge base from all over the world
The Vets-net.com knowledge base is completely internet-based. There is no need to install additional software on your computer. From all over the world you can enter our Knowledge Base by just entering your email address and predetermined password. All you need is a connection to the Internet.
One knowledge base for all species One knowledge base for all species
The Vets-net.com knowledge base contains recent, reliable, scientific information about 7 species (dog, cat, horse, rabbit, ferret, sheep and goat). Cattle and swine will be added in the near future. A subscription to Vets-net.com provides access to all species.
Search with clinical signs Search with clinical signs
Our unique "Clinical signs search system" allows you to combine clinical signs in your search quary, to make a rapid probability diagnose. To see the demo, click here.
Keyword search Keyword search
With the "Keyword search" it is possible to search the knowledge base by entering a (partial) keyword. You can refine your search by choosing in the subsequent head sections; "Diseases", "Behaviour", "Nutrition" and "Organ systems". To see the demo, click here.
Easy to navigate topics Easy to navigate topics
The topics in Vets-net.com are conveniently separated in chapters like anamnesis, causes, lab tests, imaging, and treatments. This easy navigation enables you to find the sought-after information in a flash.
Stay ahead with Vets-net.com News Stay ahead with Vets-net.com News
The news page provides you with the latest veterinary news from around the world. You can also subscribe to the monthly newsletter. You do not have to search the internet for news anymore. The scientific board of Vets-net will do it for you.